There has been a lot of heated discussion about the underrepresentation of minorities in tech, and now Facebook is trying to do something about it.

Early Wednesday, Facebook announced its new TechPrep initiative, which is designed to provide a variety of educational resources (including games, books, and community events) both for children eager to learn about computer science and for parents who want to encourage their offspring.

From Facebook’s press release: “We’re working on a number of initiatives to widen the pipeline and build an inclusive culture. After looking closely at the data, we realized that one challenge is a lack of exposure to computer science and careers in technology, as well as a lack of resources for parents, guardians, and others who want to learn more.”

In Facebook’s research, the company found that 77 percent of parents said they do not know how to help their child pursue a career in tech. The hope is that aside from just nurturing interest in children, providing information to parents and guardians will help them encourage and guide their children along a computer science career path.

Of course, this comes a scant few months after Facebook released a diversity reportthat showed little improvement over the previous year in minority representation.

TechPrep resources will be available in Spanish as well as English.