Iridiscent Learning is a non-profit working to inspire underprivileged children to study science, engineering, and technology through a series of labs, exhibits, classes, summer camps, and contestsreference, references, online, internet, web, book, books, in-person, live, live and structured, structured, instruction, extra-curricular, extracurricular, part-time, extracurriculars, summer, summer program, summer programs, community, communities, event, events, meetup, meetups, meet-up, meet-ups, meetups, elementary, child, children, kid, kids, middle school, high school, teen, teens, novice, novices, beginner, beginners, intermediate, intermediates, female, females, women, woman, girl, girls, african american, african-american, black, african americans, african-americans, blacks, hispanic, latin, latino, latina, hispanics, latinos, latinas, spanish, ny, new york, new york city, manhattan, queens, bronx, staten island, brooklyn, LA, Los Angeles, sf, oakland, san francisco, bay area, san francisco bay area, san jose, camp, camps