A national non-profit coalition working to encourage women to participate in technology. Offers programs such as AspireIT, in which high school and college students teach programming to K-12 girls.in-person, live, live and structured, structured, instruction, extra-curricular, extracurricular, part-time, extracurriculars, College, career, careers, colleges, university, universities, internship, internships, job, jobs, scholarship, scholarships, community, communities, event, events, meetup, meetups, meet-up, meet-ups, meetups, national, national organization, national organizations, association, associations, elementary, child, children, kid, kids, middle school, high school, teen, teens, adult, adults, young adults, young adult, novice, novices, beginner, beginners, intermediate, intermediates, advanced, expert, experts, female, females, women, woman, girl, girls